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   Like many art quilters, my path began with the exploration of traditional quilting. I was self-taught and progressed through different styles and techniques for about 20 years. Fifteen years ago I began to explore the world of art quilting. It has also allowed me to focus on subjects that truly matter to me, which are animals and the natural world. My style and techniques have changed in those fifteen years but my love for the subject has remained. 

   I have a hard time thinking of myself as an “artist”. Rather, I identify with the philosophy of the great National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore, his most famous work is the “Photo Ark". Sartore notes that the animals are the art and he is merely documenting them. I identify with that approach when I am working on a project. Both my mother and my son are photographers, so naturally I gravitated towards photo realism. It has led me to focus almost exclusively on the native fauna and flora of California. Most of my quilts start with a photograph of wildlife taken by my son, so there is not only the subject that interests me but often the memories of a family hike or outing. I have dabbled in landscape and other subjects, but keep coming back to animals. I love bringing an animal’s face to life, it just brings me joy. 

   There are so many wonderful styles and techniques in the world of art quilting. For quite a while I felt compelled to learn as many as possible and continuously expand my repertoire. Now, I feel content with my approach and what I do. As I look to the future, I strive to refine my craft and create works that are meaningful and speak to conservation and animal welfare. 

   When I’m not quilting, I am a volunteer at our local wildlife rescue. Napa Wildlife Rescue is an invaluable organization that has saved and rehabilitated thousands of animals through their tireless efforts.

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